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Living in Naples FL THUMBNAIL

Living in Naples Florida PROS and CONS

In this week’s post and video I am going over a list of pros and cons that I’ve put together when it comes to moving to Naples, Florida: Living in Naples Florida PROS and CONS (spoiler alert: one of these sections will have more items than the other)


Beaches – Naples, Florida has all the beautiful gulf coast beach stretches you can want. All with free parking and spacious area for any resident.

Affordable – Naples, Florida is more affordable than almost every coastal town. You would be surprised at the cost of a 3 bedroom house with 2.5 acres.

Golf – You can usually get an exclusive golf membership free included in the down payment of a house. Or, choose from an overwhelming amount of other courses.

Weather – Beautiful coastal weather year-round. Sunshine almost every day with that perfect seaside breeze mixed in.

Arts and Culture – Museums, galleries, music, comedy, and more. Naples, Florida is an international destination for artists or want to relax for a weekend or spend a year in paradise.

Safety – Florida gets a deserved bad rap for crime, but not Naples. In fact, it has a 60% lower crime rate than the Floridian average.

Food – Do you like to eat? Naples has over 400 restaurants from all different cultures. You will never go hungry or unsatisfied in Naples.

Wildlife – Naples is home to some amazing wildlife, especially exotic birds. Tortoises too. You are likely to see more species of each on any given walk than you would in any other State.

The People – The people are friendly and welcoming. Everyone is happy to be living in such a great place!


Seclusion – Naples is one of the lowest geographical points of the US, which makes it very hard to road trip to anywhere except the southern states. The closest international airport is only 30 miles away. Even so, visiting family in New England or the Pacific Coast could be an enduring, costly trip.

Summer Heat – As mentioned, the heat and humidity can be a bit much in the summer. You may have to stand outside your car and extra minute while the AC kicks in.

Wildlife – Exotic wildlife is a double-edged sword. You will be sharing the land with alligators, panthers, and bears, though it is extremely rare to run into the latter two.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my PROS and CONS list of living in Naples Florida!

Plenty of pros to move to Naples, Florida. This place is perfect for people who seek a laid back lifestyle, an affordable city for themselves and their family, or even a second home. So do yourself a big favor and start looking for housing in the Naples Area now and let me help you with that!



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