Downtown Naples Florida - Your Guide to All Things Downtown Naples

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Downtown Naples Florida – Your Guide to All Things Downtown Naples


It is a reciprocating phenomenon: Downtown Naples thrives off of people as much as people thrive off of Downtown Naples.

It is a bustling hot-spot and labyrinth of tourist activities that attract a global audience.

The all-encompassing quality of the nature, art and urbanism is what makes Downtown Naples so unique and unlike any other place in the world.

There are many popular destinations and many hidden gems, along with places of historic and cultural value, all packed into a compact area that can be easily navigated.

This is your guide to all things Downtown Naples and how to have the best experience when visiting.

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Having originated in the 1920s as a quaint commercial district, Downtown Naples was later developed into a global attraction by adding dining, shopping and entertainment to the already existing real estate.

Today, the posh ambiance of the area is much talked about and there is much more to Downtown Naples than what meets the eye.


Downtown Naples Architecture:

The architecture in Downtown Naples is timeless and looks as if it came straight out of an editorial piece in a dainty travel magazine.

If you ever do visit Downtown Naples, make sure you don’t spend your entire time gawking at buildings and not doing much else, because you will definitely be inclined to do so.

Small and picturesque buildings cascade along the streets, creating a silhouette full of harmonious color and synergy. While most of the architecture is very akin to Downtown Naples, some of it also boasts European characteristics.

No matter what, the architecture in Downtown Naples Florida is truly to be marveled upon. Some of the buildings in 3rd Street Naples fully retain their 1930s glory and their pretty facades resembling a nostalgic Polaroid.


5th Avenue, 3rd Street and the Beach:

Being compact makes Downtown Naples easy for patrons to get from one place to another.

Two of the city’s most popular tourist hot-spots are 5th Avenue and 3rd Street, both of which happen to be at a walking distance from each other and the beach.

The best thing about the Downtown Naples area is the beach, which can be reached by taking the sidewalk, then following a small boardwalk which finally leads to the pristine white sugar sand beach with calm waters, tropical winds and palm trees which emulate the quintessential vacation atmosphere.

5th Avenue Naples is known for its plethora of restaurants, bars, cafes, live music festivals and much more. Posh restaurants serve delicacies from across the globe.

While maintaining pristine culinary standards, the setting of the restaurants further accentuates the whole experience.

Most restaurants will have tables and chairs spilling on the sidewalks where customers can sit in the calm and warm night breeze to enjoy a delicious meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

5th Avenue Naples is also home to some of the best hotels in the area. Elegant shops, while some new and some native to the area, sell home décor, jewelry and clothing.

A few streets away, resides the highly coveted 3rd Street Naples. While it is home to many other enjoyable activities, 3rd Street Naples is highly renowned because it boasts an amalgamation of designer boutiques from around the world.

Brands such as Tommy Bahama have flagship boutiques in many of the original 1930’s buildings that adorn the 3rd Street South streets, with sidewalks lined in elegant shrubbery.

As mentioned above, what sets 3rd Street Naples apart from the rest of the tourist attractions in Downtown Naples is its immaculately maintained architecture from the 1930’s that almost makes one feel like they have traveled back in time, in all the right ways.

Shops after shops sell exclusive jewelry, fashion and luxury home décor pieces. Nestled in between the shops are charming cafes that sell fresh gelato, exclusive wines and indulgent cuisine to fulfill hunger pangs while shopping.

Every Saturday, 3rd Street Naples also becomes home to a farmer’s market where local produce and fresh seafood of the highest quality are being sold.

Imagine all of this small town glory right on the Gulf of Mexico with the year-long tropical climate! Suddenly, one can’t think of anything better!


The Naples Pier:

Situated on the West End of the 12th Avenue, Naples Pier is also just a small walk away from the luxury of 3rd Street and 5th Ave Naples.

Built in the 1800s, the pier was destroyed many times over and built again every time.

The Naples Pier boasts immense historical and cultural value to the area. Visitors can buy fishing supplies from the concession stand as fishing is allowed from the pier.

However, the lucky ones are able to witness a spectacular acrobatics show of dolphins swimming in the ocean waters close to shore.

If one wants to step off the wood of the pier and treat their feet to some “pillowy” sand, the pier stairs lead to the glorious white sugar sand beach beneath.


Tin City Naples:

Another landmark that you must visit when you’re in Downtown Naples is Tin City. Now a series of waterfront boutiques and restaurants, Tin City did not originate that way.

The “city” was built in the 1920s as a series of corrugated tin-roofed buildings to serve as a sea transport and boating hub.

As time passed on, the buildings were converted, while still retaining their original corrugated tin roofs, thus creating the Tin City of today.

The Tin City Naples currently boasts more than 30 independent waterfront boutiques, restaurants and many other water activities for people of all ages.

The unique shopping district boasts immense cultural and historical value for the locals and its energy and spirit needs to be seen to be believed.



Downtown Naples, with its small town charm and sophisticated looks, will always be a timeless tourist attraction.

Perfect for families, couples and individual travelers alike, people find it hard to leave Downtown Naples once they’ve seen its beauty in person.

Luxury, shopping, food, architecture and tropical climate, all right next to a beautiful beach, Downtown Naples is a vacation spot that is never to be missed.